Episode 12: Curating a Historic House Museum with James Wade

In this week’s episode I interview James Wade, curator and architectural historian at Longwood House in Natchez, MS. James talks extensively about the fascinating history of the home which was originally designed by Samuel Sloan for Haller and Julia Nutt. Construction on the house was stopped because of the start of the Civil War and due to the home’s partial completion it faces unique issues when it comes to conservation. In addition to his work as a curator at Longwood, James is currently writing a book about the house. James has written one previous book, The Pitot House: A Landmark on Bayou St. John. At the beginning of 2019 the Historic Natchez Foundation awarded James the George and Ethel Kelly Preservation Award for his work to restore his personal home, the Casey Mallory Townhouse in historic Natchez.

Episode 11: A Conversation with Danielle Del Sol, Executive Director of the Preservation Resource Center

In this week’s episode I interview Danielle Del Sol, the Executive Director of the Preservation Resource Center in New Orleans. We talk about her beginnings with the PRC as an intern writing for Preservation in Print through her being named the Executive Director in 2018. Danielle’s roll oversees programs such as Operation Comeback, Rebuilding Together, and Preservation in Print. Danielle also teaches an advocacy course in the Master of Preservation Studies program at Tulane and helps students pursue internship opportunities. In 2018 she was named one of the National Trust’s 40 Under 40: People Saving Places.

The Preservation Resource Center is a non-profit organization in New Orleans that “promotes the preservation, restoration, and revitalization of New Orleans’ historic architecture and neighborhoods.” In addition to the programs listed above, the PRC also maintains a historic easement program for 120 properties, provides training classes, hosts events, and helps with National Register Nominations. Currently the PRC is working with the homeowners in Pontchartrain Park to survey over 800 structures for a National Register nomination. They are also working on project funded by a National Trust Innovation Grant that helps low income property owners make home repairs that meet historic district guidelines. The PRC will be working closely with the Historic District Landmarks Commission to help mitigate homeowner’s fines.

Episode 10: Historic Tax Credits and GIS Mapping with Ashley Gaudlip

In this week’s episode I interview preservationist Ashley Gaudlip about her dual roles as an adjunct professor of GIS mapping and as a tax credit reviewer in the state division for historic preservation (or SHPO) in Louisiana. Ashley goes into detail about Geographic Information Systems (GIS); how they can be used in preservation and how she teaches the course to the students at Tulane. She also discusses the process the SHPO uses to help people qualify for state and national historic tax credits including breaking down the location and submission requirements and how her office reviews the information. Ashley has had a passion for preservation since she was fourteen years old!

You can reach Ashley via email at agaudlip@gmail.com or agaudlip@crt.la.gov or you can call her office at 225-342-7600.

Below are the links to some of the things we discuss in this episode:


USGS Base Maps

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Cultural Product Districts

419 Carondelet St

Charity Hospital

Frist Art Museum

Episode 9: Revitalizing Historic Schools with James Rolf

In this week’s episode I interview James Rolf, the Director of Planning and Preservation with the Recovery School District in New Orleans. In this position James works to revitalize historic school buildings by increasing and managing historic tax credits, creating preservation briefs for contractors and consulting with architects on major renovation projects. He also serves as a community liaison to inform the public about the programs and objectives of the RSD. In addition to historic tax credits, James also works with the Community Development Financial Institutions Fund which provides financial incentives to revitalize low income communities and he works with new market tax credits when consulting on new construction.

In addition to his work with the RSD, James also completed the restoration of his family’s ancestral home and owns his own preservation company, Rolf Restoration Works, LLC. Rolf Restoration Works is currently working on a project for St. Joseph’s Church and School in Gretna, LA.

For more information on the Association for Preservation Technologies International click here.

Episode 8: Using Digital Archiving to Create a Virtual Library of a Historic District

In this week’s episode I interview Brook Tesler of Tesler Preservation Consulting. Brook talks about creating an online virtual library of a historic collection of over 40,000 images of the French Quarter in New Orleans. The project also includes a website created using GIS mapping that contains images, vital building information and a glossary of terms. The episode contains information on how Brook scanned the 40,000 slides using a high end digital camera attached to a slide carousel and hand entered any details written on the slides. She then used GIS mapping to create an accurate, scale image of all the buildings in the French Quarter and loaded that into a website. In the virtual library you can click on specific buildings and see all the related images and relevant architectural information. The entire project was the brain child of the Vieux Carre Commission Foundation in conjunction with the City of New Orleans.

The website is available here

To read more about the project check out the Advocate article

Brook used Slidesnap to scan the slides and ArcGIS to help build the map of the French Quarter

To learn more about the building that collapsed in the French Quarter check out another Advocate article

Episode 7: Introduction to Materials Conservation with Michelle Duhon

In this week’s episode I interview Michelle Duhon, owner and operator of Bayou Preservation and Southkick LLC. Michelle talks about her work as a technical conservator on projects such as tomb restorations, public art projects and stone repairs. We discuss the use of plaster as a common historic building material and also the types of stones she works with often. She reviews her best practices for creating project bids and working with clients for conservation projects.

For more information about materials conservation check out the Association for Preservation Technology and the American Institute for Conservation.

Michelle’s recommended locations for purchasing plaster materials: Limeworks US and Masonry Products

Episode 6: Preservation and Social Media with Jennifer Graves Hance

In this week’s episode I interview Jennifer Graves Hance, the face behind the popular Instagram account the.preservationist. Jennifer talks about the process she uses to curate her Instagram and how preservationists and preservation organizations can use social media to share information. We also discuss other apps such as The Historic Charleston Foundation’s app that functions like a pocket guide and map to historic sites in Charleston and their two historic house museums. In New Orleans, Tulane University and the University of New Orleans have collaborated to create a similar app called New Orleans Historical, which connects stories of history with locations in the city (place based story telling).

Episode 5: Preservation In Action with Leah Solomon

In this week’s episode I talk with preservationist Leah Solomon. Leah has worked with a variety of preservation organizations including government agencies, non-profits and private companies. We discuss the different ways preservation is used at the organizational level on programs such as Main Street America, Historicorps and local historic districts. Leah currently works for the Preservation Resource Center in New Orleans Louisiana. Visit our resources page for information on the PRC.

For more information about Crosstown Concourse you can visit their website here and the National Trust website has more information on the Driehaus Award awarded to Crosstown Concourse in 2018.

Click here for information on the city of Hammond Historic District.

Click here for information on the city of Madison India.

Episode 4: Preservation Consulting with Kelly Calhoun

In this week’s episode I interview Kelly Calhoun, owner and operator of Calhoun Preservation. Kelly and I discuss several topics related to preservation consulting including building surveys, National Register nominations and tax credits. Kelly is a fountain of knowledge and she shares a lot of it with us in this episode.

Make sure to check out our resources page for links to organizations we talk about a lot on the podcast!

Kelly’s Website

Kelly’s Instagram

Episode 3: Writing, Research, and Cemeteries with Heather Veneziano

On this week’s episode I interview Heather Veneziano, owner and operator of Gambrel and Peak historic preservation firm. In this episode I chat with Heather about several of her projects including her work with The Association for Gravestone Studies. Heather also discusses her involvement in the writing process of Gateway to New Orleans: Bayou St John 1708-2018 as well as other writing projects. Heather’s work focuses on traditional materials crafts and cultural heritage environments.

You can find Heather’s preservation work here: Gambrel and Peak

Heather’s Instagram

Episode 1: Sarah Myers of Verdigris Preservation

Welcome to the first episode of Preservation Destination. This podcast was created for professionals and non-professionals alike who are interested in the preservation of the built environment. We will discuss everything from historic homes and buildings to cemeteries and monuments so stay tuned for future episodes.

In today’s episode I interview Sarah Myers, owner and operator of Verdigris Preservation. We discuss her speciality, historic window restorations, along with some of the unique challenges she faces doing her work in New Orleans. If you'd like to find out more information about the Window Preservation Standards Collaborative that Sarah discussed you can visit their website here.               

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