Historic Real Estate with Peter Patout

“Architecture is Art” - Peter Patout

This week I interview historic property specialist and luxury real estate agent Peter Patout. Peter combines a lifetime of knowledge about antiques, art and architecture into his services. In this episode Peter and I discuss the processes of buying and selling historic properties.

Peter has a business degree from the University of Louisiana in Lafayette and studied Louisiana architectural history at Tulane University. He currently works and resides in the French Quarter as a long-term property owner. In addition to the home he lives in, his property also contains a creole maisonette, which he believes is the only surviving one in the French Quarter. Many people often believe the structure is a servant’s quarters, however it was the original structure on the property before a double was built in front of it.

Currently Peter is facilitating the sale of two 18th century French Creole properties, Maison Chenal and Lacour House, along with their historic dependencies on 75 acres of land in Pointe Coupee Parish. Also included in the sale is The Holden Collection which is the “world’s premier collection of Louisiana French Creole and Acadian architecture, art, decorative arts, and furniture comprising 1400 items that were made in or used in Louisiana from the early 1700s-1800s.” There will be a house and garden tour of the two homes on Saturday September 14, 2019.

Peter can be contacted via his website and by phone at 504-481-4790.

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