Episode 13: Heritage Resource Consulting with Sarah Marsom

In this week’s episode I interview Heritage Resource Consultant Sarah Marsom. Sarah’s works focuses on connecting people to the built environment and promoting preservation to younger generations. Through groups such as the Young Ohio Preservationists and the Rustbelt Coalition of Young Preservationists Sarah brings together young and emerging preservation professionals for events to promote having fun with preservation. Sarah also created the Tiny Activist Project to share the stories of lesser known minority populations “who fought to save cultural resources.” In 2018 the National Trust selected Sarah as one of the 40 Under 40: People Saving Places and awarded her the American Express Aspire Award for her work in preservation. In addition to all her work as a consultant, Sarah was instrumental in the writing process for the third edition of Historic Preservation: An Introduction to it’s History, Principles, and Practice.

Sarah will be the keynote speaker at this year’s Modern Phoenix Week to speak about engaging a new general in preservation and heritage of the built environment. Previously Sarah has spoken at other conferences such as the National Main Street Conference and the Indiana Landmarks Preserving Historic Places Conference.

You can get in touch with Sarah via her website and follow her on Instagram.

Click here for the Tiny Activist Project Instagram

Click here for the Young Ohio Preservationists Instagram